A cylinder musical box by BA Bremond of Geneva, Switzerland no 16742 playing 6 airs as listed on original tune sheet. 'Mandoline' format. 33 cm cylinder, BA Bremend logo to governor cock, Brazilian Rosewood veneer to lid with brass, mother of pearl and tulipwood decoration contained in an ebony cart...
A cylinder "Buffet" style musical box by MMC (Mojon Manger & Co) of Switzerland C1890 no 31539. The 'Alternate Tip' cylinder musical box, cylinder length 33cm plays 12 airs as per original tune sheet, double spring motor. Case and mechanism professionally restored. Sold with a 2 year guarantee.
Disc musical box
Reference: ATXX
Disc musical box "The Britannia" by B.H.Abrahams of St Croix, Switzerland. Lever wound mechanism, transfer decoration to case. Case and mechanism professionally restored. Playing 21cm diameter discs (10 included) C1900 . Supplied with 2 year guarantee....£1950
Disc musical box by Regina
Reference: AS536A095
Disc musical box by "Regina" of America C1900. Twin comb mechanism to play 15 1/2 inch / 39cms diameter discs, supplied with 10 . The mechanism, now professionally serviced, is fitted into the original "Rococo" style case. 49 x 55 x 30 cm high. Mechanism professionally servi...
A late 19th century hand-cranked cylinder musical box no 19915 playing 6 airs as listed on original tune sheet fixed to the sound board, Swiss. Walnut veneer to case, ebonised edges, faux organ pipes to front on red fabric ground, gilt metal spandrels. 32 x 17.5 x16 cm 12 7/8 x 6 ...
Timbres en Vue
Reference: ATXX
A Swiss 6 “Bells in Sight” or “Timbres en Vue” cylinder musical box by George Bendon made for the British market. 30cm cylinder playing 12 airs as listed on original tune sheet, engine turned bells with cast brass bird strikers contained in a case with musical inlaid trophy to lid and front,...