Forte Piano Nicole Freres cylinder musical box
A key wound musical box by Nicole Freres of Geneva, Switzerland C 1845, serial number 28142. Forte Piano format. This rare type of musical box has a ‘loud’ comb and a ‘soft’ comb. This arrangement would allow the music played to have loud and quiet passages of music. This feature was a technical innovation highly prized in the 19th century. Professionally restored to a high standard. 23cm cylinder, original tune sheet listing 4 airs. Brazilian Rosewood veneer to lid with geometric inlay decoration, triple boxwood string lines. Faux rosewood finish to carcass. Three concealed control levers, flap to left hand end. Cylinder 23 cms / 9 ins.
Measurements 41 x 16 x 12cms / 16 1/8 x 6 3/8 x 4 ¾ ins.